Thursday, August 2, 2007

A wonderful event!

I know I always seem to be complaining about my parishioners but last night, a group of people and I had organised an activity to celebrate the anniversary of our parish's founding. Well, it worked! mrgreen We did the historical tour of the parish's surroundings, guess how many people joined us? Approximately 60, that's from our town, and other cities also.

I was happy that it was a success, I was happy because many people took the time to hear about their history, their past and joined us in the celebration of our great anniversary.

The Historian we had hired really delivered, he was just awesome. He stepped up to the plate. My dearest friends who live in Bigger Town came to support me, only The Nurse wasn't there but it's because she was working, the 3 others were present. God I love them)

Anyway, I'm just very thrilled this morning even tho I'm tired because I got home at 12h10 AM. lol Yeah, yeah... TFB, SW, The Historian and I went together for a beer after the evening. We talked and talked and talked... It was a great evening!

Oh and at my age, eating McDonald's at 12h15 AM isn't a bad choice, it's not very good but when you haven't ate anything since noon, it is good.wink

Thanks guys for the great evening and for making me believe that we can do great things in the parish. People like you make the difference!mrgreen

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