Saturday, September 1, 2007

Quiet night!

I'm soo lazy tonight I'm totally relaxing and letting go of the pressure of the last few days. I took a long walk this afternoon, went grocery shopping with a friend, watched a little bit of TV and that's it. I'm in my jammies and you can't make me go out. mrgreen

Last night I went to Bigger Town with friends, had a cool evening and I got back home pretty late. Because of some pain I'd been having for a week, I took some Lenoltec #1 , it has codeine in it. I hadn't had codeine in almost 20 years because The Mother said I had a rash after taking it, anyway, it was a vague souvenir but taking it was fine, took the pain away for few hours and kinda knocked me out made me a little sleepy.

I almost went to mass but the thought of seeing some people triggered my anger and frustration all over again I decided to stay home and maybe will try to go tomorrow morning.

There's also a possibility that I'll try to do this again in the afternoon, Maintenance person sew the banner back to the original length. If TFB can swing it, we'll do it in the afternoon, if not, whenever he'll be available. mrgreen

There's not much on freaking TV and I don't want to get dressed and put makeup on to go rent movies. Oh the laziness! lol Guess who's the sorry ass eh? redface


jenny-up the hill said...

I'm so with you on the quiet evening! My pj's went on very early this evening...sometimes you need these kind of days...hope you've enjoyed yours!

btw, thanks for commenting about Hyacinth, my hamster...

No Nonsense girl said...

I totally enjoyed mine... Feels good to just be sometimes. After the crazy pass few days, my spirit needed the break. :grin:

You are welcome about hyacinth, sucks to lose a pet.

I added your blog to my blogroll :)

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

I'm honored that you added me to your blogroll and now I'm going to ask some really dumb questions that make me feel really really old. The blogroll would be the list of blogs you read? I know I have one for Thursday Thirteen but the TT people made it up so all I had to do was add code. So how do you do a blogroll of your own?

Happy, quiet weekend! I wish I could boast of the same!

BP & VD said...

I do not own pjs as I am too poor living in expensive Pembroke, Ontario.

Babystepper said...

You know what you needed..a good fudge brownie!

No Nonsense girl said...


First it's my pleasure to add you to my blog roll and yes, it's the list of blogs that I read.

To do your own blogroll, go in customize, at the top right of your blog (your name, new post, customize and sign out)

you should be in your template, in the specific part of it called "add and arrange page elements".

Click on "add a page element" , many possibility will show up. Click on the add to blog on "list link" and you'll be able to give it the name you want, whether it's blogroll, great read, cool people. Whatever you want! :)

Enter the links and important, save your changes and you'll have your own blogroll. :)

I hope this is easy for you to do!

Let me know if you need more help. I will enjoy the rest of my long weekend for sure. :grin:

No Nonsense girl said...

you are right about brownies babystepper, I may pick some today while I'm out.