Monday, September 3, 2007

The Mother was could have been right

I have a rash, related or not to the codeine I took this weekend. rolleyes I'm sure it's NOT related because it appeared only this afternoon and it freaking itch. I'm in a benadry-induced fog. lol

The area of my cleavage, my boobs, my arms and my neck are victims of this freaking rash. neutral

So, we'll be doing the project tomorrow morning very early, we meet at The Church at 8h30. Hopefully this will go smoothly. We net to finish what we started, photograph the statue of our Patron Saint (required by The Parish Priest) and try to remove a MDF laminated panel off the confessional to remove the candles because we'll be needing them with the visit from the cruiseship people (whom are arriving into town this coming Saturday).

So this week is going to be crazy, hopefully everything will be in place for the new season of the cruiseship visitors. We shall see! A big employee meeting was called by The Parish Priest for tomorrow afternoon. mad

Have a great evening! mrgreen

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