Sunday, September 9, 2007

So this is what life is all about...

Simple pleasures, being content, happy and at peace. I have to warn you, this is a long entry.

After the super day yesterday my mood this morning was just great. I got up (I have to admit, it was kinda hard to get away from the heat of my blankets), fixed myself 2 cups of coffee, got dressed, put makeup on, called TYP and walked to The Restaurant to have breakfast with TFB and SW. (We had invited TYP to join us but he went hiking with a friend) On and just so you get an estimate of the amount of time I need before before I'm looking human enough to meet with other humans, I got up at 10h20 and left at 11h30. lol This is the usual amount of time I need every morning. lol

Food was good, company was good, we talked, laughed, it was simply fun. The feelings from yesterday (joy, peace, happiness, feeling you are at the right place) were still present...

Overheard yesterday at SW's house during the evening while being in the living room..

Me: Hey SW, my friend needs a fake tree like yours, where did you buy it?

SW: Huh...NoNonsense girl, It's actually not a fake tree, it's a real one. lol

Me: Giggles hysterically I'm soo sorry, it's beautiful, I uh :::giggles::: I thought he was fake. duh!!! :::puts foot into mouth:::: lollollol I love your tree, it's gorgeous, I just thought he was fake.

SW: lol

The others are all laughing

We had so much fun talking about brain farts, just to write the word makes me laugh back. I had a couple of brain fart yesterday, like I couldn't remember how we called carpet in English (in french it's called tapis), I was with 6 visitors and referred to carpet without the correct word because I couldn't remember it.

Me telling the visitors : I'm sorry, I'm having a brain fart, I just don't remember the word I'm looking for.

Them: Ha Ha Ha Ha , she's having a brain fart!!! Ha Ha HA lol lol lol

SW had couple of them and I was telling her that in English there's an expression for the "duh moment" called "brain fart", that made us giggle.

Yeah, we were tired, yeah, we were silly. But after being at work for 10 hours straight, not a moment to sit, we were entitled to be silly. mrgreen

So after having late breakfast, they drove me to the cemetery because it was the catholic cemetery's annual celebration. MsDM's was buried at that cemetery in July so I went and I cried. I miss her. But I'm fine now. smile My whole house is clean, I'm happy, relaxed and I'm also taking the day off tomorrow, I want to go shopping because I got a gift card for my birthday. A Reitmans's giftcard. mrgreen

How was everyone weekend?


Anonymous said...

Argh!! I spent the weekend chasing after three little hoodlums..whom I love dearly. Mr. QM was in Montreal-NO FAIR! Glad you had a good day. LOL at the brain fart.

No Nonsense girl said...

I wish I could chase these 3 little hellions LOL!!!! Sorry MrQM was far away this weekend!!! Lucky for him to be in quebec!!!

jehara said...

do you spend most of your day in french, english or an even combination?