Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A not soo funny post...

Someone I really care about has terminal cancer. We'll call her MsDivineMercy (MsDM, I picked that name because it's one of the devotion she really believes in. MsDM is eighty something years old. She's a single lady who devoted her life to the church as a lay person.

She's been at the local hospital for a week now. I, and many others visit her daily. She learned last night that it was terminal and has started to receive morphine. We already knew, I mean it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out but last night was the official DX'd.

I've always told her how much she mattered to me, I'm actually very sad. If you can think of her, pray for her or send her good vibes, it would be really nice. I'm going to go see her after work.

I'm posting this, just for you MsDM, with all my love. May you feel His peace and may your heart be filled with His love in these moments.

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