Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh so boring...

I would have at least 50 stories to tell but I'm super busy and exhausted when I get home, the only thing I wanted to do last night was to crawl in bed.

Guess who went to bed at 20h00 last night? Yeah, I did. rolleyes

And guess who got up at 3h30 this morning and wasn't able to fall back asleep? Yeah, you got it right. lol

I spoke with my pharmacist yesterday and with her advice, decided to take Lenoctal again and see if I'd get hives. I took it at 18h30- 19h00 last night and nothing to report. No hives, nothing. I'm kinda scared. confused lol I wish I could get to sleep and wake up Friday at 16h00, can it be? Can it be? razz

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