Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just a quick message

How was the first day of the visits from the cruise ships visitors?
It freaking rocked!!!

Are you tired after this day

Physically exhausted but emotionally happy and content. Visitors from XYZ cruise line, rock!!! Awesome, charming, sweet, intelligent and interested and interesting. mrgreen

Where were they from?

USA, Germany, South America, France, England, Philippine, India and some more.

At The Church from 6h30 up until 16h30. mrgreen SW, TFB, SW's cousin and his SO had a beer, then dinner, then stayed together and talked for the whole evening. lol

Ordering takeouts 36,00$
Buying good wine, X amount of money
Enjoying a nice dinner in good company with people you love Priceless

That's my quick post. How was your day? Ever been on a cruise? What did you liked?

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