Monday, September 24, 2007

I almost threw a fit

I come at the office this morning to find out that the work laptop (the computer I use) isn't there. Ugh!!! My co-worker The Deacon is usually a bit dreamy( lives on another planet), I freaked out a little bit "Is he coming this morning?" I ask the girls? They don't know. I call his house, he's not there. Ugh!!!

I need my computer this morning to work on my final paper and also because everything related to my work is on the freaking computer. Ugh!!! So instead of getting pissed off while waiting for him, I go to The Closed Church and do what I have to do there. When I come back inside the office a little before 9h00 AM, he's there with my precious computer. mrgreen

Crisis avoided y'all, crisis avoided!!!! Good for me I didn't lost it huh? lol

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