Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blogging is the new black

Yeah, blogging is the new black, I need a shirt that says this. mrgreen

I've been reading 2 blogs in the past couple of days. First confession of a college call girl and Belle De Jour, don't follow these links if you don't want to read about prostitution and it's daily stories. Very interesting read. (to those I linked here, if you want me to remove you from a catholic blog just email me)

I'm sure Annoying Liturgy Lady would have an attack to know that *I* am reading sex workers stories. Yeah Fuck off! Go spread your gospel of hatred everywhere, it's really working, The Church is full huh? :::sarcasm:::

How was my day ? someone asked me...

Fine, I directly went to The Church this morning, didn't stop by The Office. I dropped my stuff and went to The Coffee Place to buy coffee for my 2 morning partners and I. TFB arrived with a sleepy look lol which made me giggle. He really looked like he'd just stepped out of bed. lol We totally did what we had to do, the banners were hang unto the ceiling, 50 something foot in the air. We took pictures of our Patron Saint statue for the Parish priest and moved the MDF panel to get what was behind, then back to the office.

I say "oh my god" at least 50 times a day, it's part of my vocabulary, it's part of how I express myself. Every time I say "Oh my God" when TFB is there, he says "Nah, call me TFB" lol. Like I called him God. Each time we giggle and everyone present also does.

Sometimes I wish I had a father like him, that would have make such a difference. smile Yeah, a girl can dream can she?
I'm in freaking pain due to the rash, that hasn't disappeared as of YET. Boo Fucking hoo!

Can I just say that I despise power-trippin jerks that are controlling, condescending and plain mean. Honestly, if power turns you on, leave us the fuck alone, you aren't at the right place obviously. He wasn't like that.

Enough of that already, I need a chill pill, wish I could have a beer but it wouldn't be a nice mix with the numerous benadryl I've been poppin. wink


April Elizabeth said...

i love diary of a college call girl.. i wont link it to my blog cuz my mom reads it AND becuase i mention my name and my law school it could be considered unprofessional and i could ger booted, but she is absolutely my guilty pleasure.

No Nonsense girl said...

I'm glad to hear that it's not only me.It would be seen as unprofessionnal for me too because i work for a catholic parish!