Monday, October 1, 2007

Guess who forgot we're october first?

lol If you guessed "You did, No Nonsense girl", you are right.

So because I forgot about that, it means I don't have the October bus pass rolleyes Which means, I'll walk 15 minutes to the store that carries them because I want/need to go shopping to Bigger Town this afternoon and the bus driver won't let me travel without the right month's bus pass. what a fucker huh!!! Don't worry I'm just kidding. lol

I have to buy a winter hat for a friend's daughter, I'll get something cute and I want to just walk there and relax, think of nothing but pleasing things.

The phone rang at 9h00, it was a wrong number, so I got up and called the religious item importation company and ordered the pious items that we decided to get yesterday. The funniest thing is that the 3 things that SW said weren't really cute weren't available anymore. lol So I got 3 things that I'm sure she'll like better, and I have to say those we'll get are cuter than our first idea (TFB and I).

So I'm dressed, makeup on and ready to go. mrgreen Later taters!!!!

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