Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News from The Ex-Boyfriend

Remember him? Well anyway, he called tonight. rolleyes True to himself, he hasn't changed a bit. Am I surprised? Not at all.

I'd be a bitch to post all the itsy bitsy details of our 10 minutes conversation but lets just say I rushed into emailing TFB and SW about it. I figured since I made the choice not to let the world know how he really is to respect his privacy. I still had to vent somewhere. mrgreen

He's not a bad man at all, honest to God, he's a good, honest man, hard worker. He just has a lot of some issues.

Anyway, I'm pooped, it's pass freaking 23h00 and I'm not in bed. Tomorrow is soo going to be a long day!

God, help me! If anyone is interested, my friend's daughter needs some prayers. She has some trouble with her boyfriend and is heartbroken. You know how teens are eh? lol Poor sweetie, she's in my thoughts and prayers.

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