Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The dreaded "it's almost 15h00" down

Why am I always having a down around 15h00? lol I'm sleepy as hell and I can't focus. I crave a cigarette I need some fresh air or a coffee, but how much coffee is too much? I mean for a 24 hours period? I had what? 6 cups of coffee since 6h30 this morning?rolleyes

anyway, what is up with always needing a nap around 15h00?
The Old Parishioner, a nice man who collects ancient objects will visit me at church around dinner time. He's a very fun, interesting and respectful man. Oh jeez, I can't believe I'm working late. blech

At 16h00, I'll stop by the retirement home to visit MsDM's friend, grab a coffee at The Coffee Place and open the church and hopefully, have visitors. It's sunny, it's warm, it's a nice day to visit your church's exposition. mrgreen

Is anyone else having a down around 15h00?confused

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