Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belated Wednesday funny

At church yesterday, around 17h00. I'm chit chatting with the man who was hired to fix the church's wooden door. He's very nice, quite chatty but always appropriate, in the past weeks he was telling me about his dating situation. (he's divorced, looking, women he meets are kinda freaking him out)

Him: That's very sad that you are twenty something, because I would date you, we'd make an awesome couple, too bad there's more than twenty years of age difference eh? He's in his 50s

Me: Hmm confused Too bad I don't find you attractive eh? Too bad you wait a week to make love and I believe in waiting until solid commitment :::thinks::: Too bad I want to get married in the church and you are divorced and not interested in marriage. Yeah, you are right it's too bad huh?

H: It's too much of an age difference for you?

M: If I was attracted to you and felt you were the one, age wouldn't matter, but right now, age is one thing among soo many others. Yeah, that's too much of an age difference for me.

I was nice, I really filtered what I needed to say instead of what I could have said. My answers could have hurt his feelings and I didn't wanted that, so it's all good. mrgreen

This is very flattering but just not what I'm looking for. smile