Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's 19h00, guess who's already wearing her pajamas?

lol Yeah, you got that right, I am.

TFB and SW dropped me home around 14h00, I watched a bit of TV, surfed the net, cooked dinner, cleaned after myself, took a long shower and put my pajamas on. I need to straighten my hair with my super duper flat iron. mrgreenYeah, you heard that right. I've got to do that every time I wash my hair or I'll look like this. lol And honestly, I don't care for that look.

Brunch was fun, we talked, we laughed a lot. TYP left a little before 13h00 because he had a phone appointment. The three (TFB, SW and I) of us stayed at the table and talked until almost 14h00. They are great people, they are very open minded. It was great, I'd miss these great talks around good food. smile

I'm mentally getting ready for another week at work tomorrow morning. It'll be fun! (It better be, I'll make it fun) Oh, wed we are suppose to receive the finish product for The Parish. Can't wait to freaking see it!!!

SW was right, because I did what had to be done early this morning and used this morning energy to be productive, I was able to enjoy a relax afternoon! I'll try getting up early again. You were right and heaven knows I'm not a morning person.


jehara said...

i struggle so much with this. i am not a morning person but i want so badly to be one. i am more of a night owl but i love daytime so much and hate it when i sleep too late. i feel so much productive when i wake up early (and less guilty too ;)

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'm like you, I'm a night owl who gets up at the crack of dawn 5 days a week. ;)

I would sleep in late everyday if 5 could but I am productive in the morning!!!