Sunday, August 19, 2007

Overheard at The Church today

I'm with visitors, the tour is ending, we are standing near a painting called "Christ of the year 2000", it was painted by a local artist. The piece is at least 10 foot by 6 foot, it's HUGE and ugly. I do not tell the visitors I think it's ugly at first. A nice man asks me about the painting; (M= Me - V= Visitor)

M= Local artist Mr X painted it and offered it to The Parish for the new millennium, it's either liked or hated here.

V= Wow Jesus looks scary, what the heck happened?

::: giggling :::

M= I guess we see him with the glasses we wear, with our own impression, life or past experiences. Some people think he looks lost or psychotic.

V= I guess we can say that we see him with the mental illness we suffer from.

Me actually laughing out loud, couldn't stop myself.

V= What's next, schizophrenic Mary? lol

:::barely could breathe because I'm laughing my ass off:::

M= I guess you are right sir, we could say that.

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