Saturday, July 21, 2007

PSA about hospital visits

It never dawned on me that I was going to ever need to do a PSA (Public Service Announcement) concerning hospital visits. I should have known better, people are insane, after all. madWhile visiting MsDM an acquaintance of us comes to visit. It seems nice eh?

Lets call her WhinyH, she's a 40 something very messed up lady. And by messed up I mean "not crazy enough to be locked up, but shouldn't really be free either". lol WhinyH tells us she just got out of her physical therapist appointment and tells us ALL the fucking details of her real-or-not illness.

She suffers from:
ciatis,blocked artheries and she's recovering from a CVA and before that had an ischemic stroke (whatever that is). She previously had anorexia, she was hospitalized for several years, she plays music, she's got more degrees than you can ever get. She's got it all.

Think of something you did, WhinyH did it, and she did it faster and the result was better than yours. Just think of anything that may have happened to you, well, she went tru it and it was WORSE. I'm telling you, she has been tru ALL. I'm pretty sure she was crucified, tortured, kidnapped, attacked, put in concentration camp.

MsDM was tired, she couldn't place a word. WhinyH just wouldn't shut the hell up.evil Honestly, if you visit someone who's dying, for God's sake, Shut the fuck up about your real or not problems. She's dying, you are making her anxious. She's way too nice to told you to STFU because she thinks your life was hard enough.

Go there, kiss her, talk to her, hold her hand but keep for yourself anything that's TMI, keep for yourself all these fucking traumas, keep for yourself everything that only your poor therapist has to hear. Oh.My. your therapist is a saint. I would drink myself silly if you were a patient of mine.

Please WhinyH, if you are going to come again, you oughta keep your mouth shut about these details because I'll kick your ass. Also, keep your freaking remarks about my clothes and my hair for outside of the hospital. Someone's freaking dying here. Someone needs peace, just pray for her but for god's sake SHUT UP about that nonsense. MsDM doesn't need more worries, I don't care if you like my friggin hair, if you think I look good in the newspaper or if you are satisfied with my friggin work. We are here to support MsDM on her journey to friggin afterlife.

This isn't a friggin Daughters of Isabella's meetin or a tea party.rolleyes Are you able to take your friggin eyes of your own bellybutton. It's not about you, or I or anything else than MsDM.

Yeah, I wasn't soo nice with you and yeah, I kept on interrupting you but for some reasons, you weren't seeing how tired MsDM was and how agitated she was.

WhinyH, here's a buck, go buy yourself a clue. I understand you had a troubled life, I do also understand you suffer from BPD , but you are smart enough to understand better. She needs peace, quietness and someone to be there, listen and hold her hand. Not make her sick to her stomach with TMI, not have to hear you whine and whine and whine about your life. :::pfft:::

I hate people like that, I was soo pissed off and worried about MsDM. Next time, I'll gently take her out and make her leave.

On the other end, Dear Niece (not mine, MsDM's) is back, she's such a sweetheart. I'll offer that the two of us do something nice like going for a coffee or eat out inbetween hospital visits. That woman is really sweet and her heart is very pure... I'm good at feeling those

I went to mass tonight, after few weeks without going it was very nice. It's not that I have a problem with eucharist, it's the people that piss me off. Because of the fact that I work for the parish, I have to hear all the nonsense about anything that goes on in the parish. That's the part I can't stand. But today was good, and that's very nice.

Oh and for the Novena to St-Anne, here's today's prayer. MsDM, this one is for you.

Glorious Saint Anne,
I kneel in confidence at your feet,
for you also have tasted the bitterness and sorrow of life.
My necessities, the cause of my tears, are...


jehara said...

i used to work with a woman like that except the do everything better part. she was loud and abrasive and talked way too much, gave too much information and always had to one up everyone on every ache, pain, sore or tragedy. ugh.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Oh My god!!! you were able to tolerate dealing with her on a daily basis??? You are awesome!!!

WhinyH is someone you just doN't want to see, she is just too fucking self centered and dramatic!!! Good grief!!!

Poor you!!!