Friday, August 17, 2007

serial posting AKA random crap from today!

lol Overheard at the end of a pretty long visit with 2 kind person from outside of the region.

Showing them with my arms the statue up the wall, they are 15 feet up high, said statue are 5 foot by 1 and a half foot. They are BIG as in you would have to be blind not to see them. As in, if you can't see the statue, there is no point of visiting the exposition. You won't see anything.

Now, if you can see the statue, you'll see that they have the name of local roads.

Visitor (the wife) starts to giggle and says to me: I can't see them, where are they?

Me laughing my ass off, actually hysterically laughing. I'm soo sorry, I mean now if you look at the statues. I know you can see them, I'm soo sorry, I'm kind of tired.

Nah, it's totally okay, you are doing a great job. She gently pokes my arm and says that she can't see the statues.

All three of us bursted in laughter again. I was laughing to the point of

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