Monday, August 20, 2007

What the hell?

I just tried calling my doctor, a bit of history here, I've been a patient of her for more than 12 years. She's like a big sister to me, there's a friendship in between us, she gave me her freaking cell phone number, but I try to call at one of the two clinics where she has an office instead of calling her cell when it's possible.

I gave a call to clinic X 2 seconds ago, TYP's parent need a family doctor, I'll ask her to take them if she can take two new patients. It's a real PITA to find a doctor here.

Doctor X's office, how may I help you?

I would like Doctor X to call me back when she's at the office.

Are you a patient?

Yes, I'm a patient here and at Clinic Y

If you aren't only a patient here, I can't take the message!

huh??? ::::dumbfounded::::

I can't take the message because she wouldn't call you back. I'm sorry, that's the rule.

I'm sure she would call me back BUT you know what I'll do? I'll call Clinic Y and leave a message there. Surely they'll take it.

I'm sorry, that's the way it works.

Fine, have a great day then.



April Elizabeth said...

what a rediculous rule. thats just a pain in the freakin' ass

No Nonsense girl said...

I'm glad someone agrees with me. I did not wanted to fight with her, so that's why i didn't start an argument and also because she's a temporary person. I was like "what the freaking hell just happened here"???

Doctor will laugh oh and other clinic totally took my message. ;)

jehara said...

WTF? that makes no sense whatsoever. because you are a patient of BOTH clinics you can't leave a message?

No Nonsense Girl said...

yeah, makes no sense. I had to call my doctor on her cellphone, I had no other option. Weird ass rule!!!