Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm a blubbering mess, this means I'm making progress doesn't it?

What do you think? confused I sent DN an email to thank her and I also said that this has been good in the way that the untouchable, cold-hearted and wouldn't cry girl is now a blubbering mess who cried like a freakin idiot most of the days. In.front.of.people, in front of strangers, like even total strangers.

I'm totally in favor of public displays of sadness, the fact was that in the past 3 years, my heart was cold as hell (mad), it was difficult to shed a tear for MYSELF, difficult as in near impossible. Crying for a total stranger Yeah, crying for a pathetic SOB story on tv, could do. But really crying for me? Impossible!

Sometimes, it seems best at a time to block emotions when things are too painful but when the switch won't work again, it's puzzling. Anyway, MsDM's death and last weeks has put the switch back to "normal". I'm feeling things again and I'm able to cry. Making progress As in moving on!

This is such an amazing gift, I'm going to write DN about it all, she deserves to know. She was amazing, I swear to God, she, her sister and her mother touched my heart on levels you can't make up. We laughed and cried and another PSA is that I'm blonde, well not physically but I'm totally one. lol

I think I'll call SW tomorrow, I'd like to have a coffee and chat and have a good cry with her. We need a heart-to-heart, we'll see about that because TFB retired today, and I know he needs a big ass break.

Goodnight all!

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