Thursday, July 26, 2007

But he was going to church!

Yeah, like going to church fix it all. One of the parishonners said this to me this evening while visiting the expositon.

Her= How's The Boyfriend?

Me= ??? Oh fuck, I knew the time was going to come, she'll blame ME for sure. Hmm, what can i say that'll remain vague??? :::thinks::::

He's probably doing fine, what do I know?!

Her= surprised That was priceless, the look on her face was just freaking hilarious

What Do you mean?

Me= The Ex Boyfriend and I decided to split almost 2 weeks ago. It's fine, don't worry for me. smile

Her= But, But, but.... He was going to church!!! He was a good man, he was going to church!!!

Me= What the hell? lol Seriously?

Good people go to church but a lot of of creepy jerks also. It's not a criteria, it's NOT a requirement. Thinking to myself, be careful, everything you'll say will end up in the streets, carefully pick your words hon. You are absolutly right, he's a great guy, but in some occasion, a couple can decide to split for good reasons. Simply, we weren't meant to marry each others. That's all.

Don't mention BJ, lets not go there. There's no need to shock the heck out of her. lol Good catholics can still be freaky.... believe me. Going to church doesn't take your humanity away from you, well it shouldn't. But the fact that one goes to church shouldn't mean i'm going to lower my expectation of what I want or don't want in my relationship.

Her= He was such a good man!

Me= HUH???!!! Yes he was, but you know what? He wasn't The One, now, lets move on. I'm still myself, that's all that matters. mrgreen

All this time, I'm the one who's getting the blame, just cuz I'm respectful enough not to air our dirty laundry... Poor guy is still going to church, I think.

Seriously? :::with my best imitation à la Meredith Grey::: seriously?

Couple of points to remember:

-Going to church is good for the image.
-You can be a creep but attending church will make you look better.
-As long as you go to church, parishonners won't be questionning your choice of life, as long as they don't see it.
-If you are a woman, our judgment will be really harsh. After all, you are a sinner... daughter of eve. ::::pfft::: confused

What pisses me off is her and the others who kept asking me about MY freaking sex life while the EX boyfriend and I were together. Today, I'm the big meanie. rolleyes

Man, do I love my parish.

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