Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A belated update but I've got a good excuse

You won't believe it but guess what? The Friendly Boss and I have to interview students again tomorrow for the fucking summer job. The one we hired wasn't doing a good job, I'll tell you the stories in another post but he quit this morning.
rolleyes We didn't needed that. I've been wondering, what the hell am I suppose to learn from all of this?

1. Don't trust anyone
2. The generation of the 20 years old and less sucks (What are they called, the Y generation?)
3. Dealing with employee is a pain in the ass?
4. I can't control everything and sometimes even if you do your best, things still end up getting fucked?
5. Patience and letting go?
6. None of these answers, God's just testing your faith and you have miserably failed?

I'm half kidding, this has taken it's toll on me, I feel like hell, I don't sleep really well and I just want my life back. I seriously just want my damn life back.

breathe, breathe, breathe... Everything will work out great, in the end, it'll be fine. Tomorrow, we are interviewing 5 students, I gave them all a call and had a little chit-chat with them today. We'll see what happens. Pray for us please?

On the personal level I've had an awesome girl's night out last Friday with The Passionate One, The Lawyer and The Cute Blonde, we went shopping, bought clothes and went for sushis, it was great. smile Saturday night The Lawyer's parents were celebrating her brother's birthday and we played games until very late and on Sunday night I babysat 8 kiddos, ranging from the age of 2 to 12. lol

Off to get my butt back in the Parish's computer. I'm sorry for the lack of update and visits to each and every one of you. I promise, I'll be back.



Pendullum said...

Good luck finding a better employee....
A monkey sounds better than what you had...

Vixen said...

Boy this finding the right kid is turning out to be a much bigger deal than originally planned, eh?

I am off today, for the 4th of July, enjoying a rare day off work.

Have a great weekend.

On a limb w/ Claudia said...

Boy, what a summer you are having! How many more weeks until school? I bet you'll be excited when it starts.

My friend BroLo writes a blog. His last blogs made me think of you. Here's his URL: He's a Capuchin

The Gal Herself said...

EIGHT kids between 2 and 12? If you're strong enough for that, you're certainly tough enough to get through this interview process. And I'm glad that you were able to find joy when you went out with your gal pals.

CQ said...

Hey, NNG! Still swamped with work? Hope you get to update soon (and I hope you finally found someone for the summer job. :o)

Lori said...

Dealing with employees does suck. Ive been forced into scheduling Home Health Aides and it does nothing but stress me out. I could never be a manager and deal with this bullshit on a regular basis. Wait, shouldnt the managers be doing this to begin with? Since when is it an assistants responsibility to set up work schedules? My job sucks!