Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sudoku are a good remedy for insomnia...

Yeah, they sure are. I'm doing them in a book at the moment. I worked most of the day at the Parish's computer working in the new program transferring and entering manually the data. It's boring, I, mean really boring but it needs to be done. I'm actually late but fuck, there's soo many hours in a plus when you've got plenty of things to do and a life. This is super important for me. Taking care of myself and having a life outside of The Parish.

I'm relaxing and trying to get myself ready for sleep by doing sudoku in a little book, I played "Word Challenge" on Facebook, for some reasons, using my brain helps me relax.
rolleyes I know, I'm strange.

Tomorrow is the first day of my student at The Church, I hope it's going to work out. I trained him for a part of the afternoon Monday, reviewed everything with him and I'll be with him tomorrow morning to start and I'll be present on and off for the first days, then, "God willing" things will turn out well and this is going to be easy for me as the supervisor. I am putting "God willing" in quote because I am not in control of the situation and I told him (God) that I was on the edge of losing my mind so help me god, this needs to be an easy thing. lol

It was the St-Jean Baptiste in Quebec yesterday, which is for Quebec what the 4th of July is for the Americans. On Monday night, a bunch of friends got together but before I had dinner at The Lawyer's house with another friend of ours, it was fun, we had fun with The Lawyer's baby boy.

Oh, my MacBook went to the Apple official repair store on Monday because he was slow and the technician changed the memory and it's back to it's regular speed. I had to reinstall everything, the program, the backup I made of evertything I had on my baby and I'm just happy it's working.

The Gal is right, I know I need a break from The Parish because I'm starting to feel like an angry bitch and these people don't have to pay for my lack of energy and need for vacations. I mean, even if they aggravate me sometimes, they just shouldn't have to pay for this and I'm being careful not to lose my smile and niceness when I'm doing church's stuff.

I've been feeling a bit better because I was actually able to enjoy some time with friends, real fun times. Nice talks, heart-to-heart, laughs and that kinda lightened my mood. I was in such a pissed off mood Friday and Saturday I almost sent The Friendly Boss (TFB) my resignation letter.
lol But the poor guy's vacation for the week and I didn't wanted to give him a heart attack when he'll be back home. Instead, I'll talk with him when I'm calm down and well rested. He was right and it's a bit painful for me to admit but he told me back at the end of May that he was worried that if he was giving me too much things to manage for The Church Council that I would overdo and not respect myself and get tired. He knows I'm a perfectionist, he knows I want nothing but perfection from myself. He was right that I took too much and that I just can't manage everything. But I want to be able to, I'm powerful and strong, I can do anything I want. Nothing is too heavy for me to handle. I can manage everything without losing my sanity.
lol I'm such a fucking liar, I just need to let go and not take everything soo seriously, I can do so much, I'm just a human.

Poor TFB was once again right. I may or may not tell him what I just posted. I'm sure he already knows, the man knows me THAT much. mrgreen

So until I can sleep I'm going to be doing sudoku and doing the tag given by The Gal.

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