Saturday, May 17, 2008

PSA on sending your resume to get a job

The Friendly Boss and I are in charge of hiring a student for a 6 weeks student job, we've put 2 ads on the Internet on some job searching places for students and have been getting resume by email. (that's the way we asked the candidate to contact us) The job description is clear, it's a great opportunity for a student. Now, with my PSA.

First, if your cover letter has a lot of spelling errors, the person who's going to read the email will roll her eyes. But damn it, the worse is sending your resume in a Microsoft Publisher file. Damn it, send your resume on a Word document. I don't have publisher, not everyone has access to this program. Use a very commonly use format like W-O-R-D. I had a soft spot for the candidate because she's obviously pretty young, so I emailed her back, asking her very nicely to send me back her resume in a Word document explaining that The Parish doesn't have Publisher and that we can't open her Resume.

So the fun is starting, we'll do interviews in 2 weeks I think. The Friendly Boss and I still need to discuss it but that seems good for me.

We just want a college/university level student interested in being at the church full time for the visitors and do tours and talk to the visitors/tourist about the Parish's and the area's history. We want someone smart, outgoing, mature, interested in history and good with the public.

Please, pray that it works and that we'll make the correct choice this year. Even if school was started for me I couldn't have the job because when you are on the church council (elected) you can never be paid or receive money, it would be a conflict of interest. I love my volunteer position at The Parish and I prefer to give my time for the Church for free. That's my gift of faith to this community.


Vixen said...

I have reviewed lots and lots of resumes and let me tell you although it is frustrating when they have tons of spelling errors, to me it is also quite laughable.

Hope you have a great weekend.

No Nonsense Girl said...

know right? Why don't they make sure it's ready when they're sending them?

Also, we announce a job for a student of college level. If you are sending your resume and it's unclear whether you are still a student it's not good.

The candidate send me back her resume this morning. In was in a Word format. She did not include ANY word in the email, she attached her resume that's it.

Oh my gosh! TFB will have to help me because I have no tolerance for that.

spelling errors are rally frustrating I agree.

Same to you my friend.

Julia Smith said...

My best friend once got a resume written in crayon. No joke. It was for a job on an oil rig...but still...

Anonymous said...

You would think that spelling errors would be unprofessional. At least, that's what I would think. Good thing I don't review resumes, I am a tough critic.

Jenny McB said...

A friend of mine once told me about receiving resumes from people on line who had really awful email names. Another thing for people to remember.

Do you ever go and check out bad resume errors on line? They are funny.
Good luck with the applicants.