Monday, April 7, 2008

A post about my relationship with Mr.Cat

We are like a old married couple. Sharing a bed has been a terrible pain in the butt. He disrupt my sleep, jumps on me to get attention, bite me while I sleep, all kind of annoying things. I'm telling you, sometimes I would kill him.

Anyway, last week I made the decision to sleep without him. I shut the bedroom door and he can't get in. I've been putting a comfy polar fleece blanket on the couch and he sleeps there. For 4 nights my sleep was better, no annoying jumpy thing in the bed. No snoring annoyance. The freaking peace!

Last night, I got up to pee around 1h30 Am, and who did I see when I opened the door? Mr.Cat was sleeping next to the bedroom door. I thought it was soo cute and he must have missed me, so I let him in. I said "Now, it's time to prove me you are a good cat, if you disrupt my sleep, you are forever gone of the master bedroom." Guess who was a bad cat around 6 AM? Yeah, he was. Before I cussed him out, I got up and check his food, water and liter, everything was fine. He wanted freaking attention. What the hell?

So Mr.Cat and I will not share a bed anymore. He just can't be a nice kitty. I need my sleep. What's up with him? Anyone with a cat like this? I'm sure The Gal will have a great story. Rey must be doing something similar or worse. lol

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The Gal Herself said...

Well, Reynaldo has been leaving me alone overnight, which is nice. Because he used to get on the bed, dance on my boobs and try to eat my hair while I slept. But he's outgrown such childish nonsense.

I've mentioned his latest fascination recently -- knocking over stacks of paper (magazines, bills, files, whatever he can find) and then burrowing around in them so there is no order whatsoever.

Neither hitting nor a swat on the ass do any good because Reynaldo perceives this as a game. "HA! Look what I made her do!" So, like you with Mr. Cat, I've just taken to closing his wiry little butt in the other room when he gets too destructive.

Then, when I let him out, he's sooooo happy to see me that I feel guilty for punishing him at all.

There are folks out there who believe cats are not as intelligent as humans. Then how do they explain how Rey and Mr. Cat consistently get the best of us?