Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just had a talk with The Cute Friend

I wanted to check on her and we chatted on the phone for a little while. I was watching Oprah's Big give and thought of her because she loves, loves Oprah. mrgreen I offered her to watch the monkeys if she and her beloved wanted some time outside of the home. I really love them and spending time with them is a blessing. It's also good to have a friend you trust to watch the kiddos.

I'm watching the show and enjoying it. I cooked and cleaned all freaking day. I scrubbed the bath tub, the bathroom, cleaned and tidied up my closet, did laundry. I'm a good housewife. wink The guys would be soo happy to hear me say it. lol They would agree I'm sure. I cook, clean, I'm a good baker, I'm caring, I'm smart etc, I'm just not submissive. lol I'm stubborn a rebel! mrgreen


Anonymous said...

Teehee! I'm stubborn to. Isn't it fun?

No Nonsense Girl said...

Yup it is. Sometimes not so much but I deal with it. :) Makes me a strong person. :D

chikku said...

jus checking in to see you r having a good day...u reminded me of all the work i got to do...washing, cleaning..hmmm...:(

chikku :)

Open Grove Claudia said...

Ah well, I'm not submissive either - the good ones don't need you to be!