Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shake me AKA the day is finally over...

It is over, I'm finally home. Thank God and you know what? I didn't accidentally kill anyone. rolleyes lol

This morning, I'm on my way to the post office, I have 31 invitation to the closing mass of the Parish Anniversary in my hands, addressed and licked.

One of the secretary asks me if they were signed by The Parish Priest?

Er No, why? fuck, fuck fuck, I forgot Big sigh, is he coming today? They have no clue.Off I go to a phone to call his cell. " Hey this is NNG, Are you coming by today, I need you to sign the invitation. Yeah, thanks, I'm here." I couldn't open the envelopes without screwing them so I had to start ALL over again Is this my job anyway? What the hell am I? So I did it ALL over again. Er, they are in the mail at the moment.

In my office, with The tall friend, his wife (a friend too) and TFB. TTF looks at my desk chair and says "What the hell? Why is your chair so close to the ground?" I reply with an innocent smile and a blonde mind "They gave me a broken chair, it just won't lift up, It's broken, so I've been sitting 12 inches from the floor for a year now".

He walks to the chair, asks me to get up, looks under the chair, lifts it up with a little handle, it goes to the regular height. He bursts laughing hysterically I mean totally laughing at me. TFB says " Tell me again when does your contract with The Parish ends? I tell him the end of next week. He giggles and says "good cuz you are kinda slow this morning huh? Are you always like this? lol We all laughed.

It was NOT my day. And yeah, my contract ends next Friday but I'll be working until the end of October and I have a couple of weeks of overtime to receive.mrgreen It will be diary of a former catholic church worker wink

You know what? I've adored working with these people, some of them will forever be friend, some have touched my life in soo many ways that I'm not the girl I was when I started to work at The Parish. This totally changed my life. I'm a better person because of all of these great guys. And Annoying Liturgy Lady's acts do not take anything from my time at this great place.

So that's it, I need to get in bed because I need to sleep, I am soo sleepy. This was my Tuesday night slice of life. mrgreen Do you have people in your life to whom you owe soo much? That have made a difference? Tell me about them.

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