Saturday, October 6, 2007

On a normal saturday...

Well I ran errands, went to the pharmacy, picked up some stuff to break my sore throat. The Pharmacist is awesome, she's one of the sweetest woman I know. Picked up books at the library and tripped on the fucking stairs when trying to get to my building.

Tripped and freaking hurt my knee. It was bloody and painful, I washed it with soap, put Bactroban on it and moved on. lol It was embarrassing, I had 4 bags of groceries, pharmacy things and books and tripped in front of the front door entry. rolleyes What came out of my mouth wasn't exactly a prayer altho God's name was invoked. lol I'm not going to die, I'm just a whiny baby when I'm sick.

I'm going to go in bed read my Robin Cook book, try to rest because The Tall Friend is picking me up at 7 AM. That's early for a Sunday huh?

I just remembered that The Bishop's going to be at The Church tomorrow. Oh! La La!!! He's a nice man, but celebration are long when he's there. I won't have to sit in a pew, I'll be at the door with the visitors. mrgreen Can't say it doesn't make me happy! It's the closing mass for the Parish Anniversary tomorrow. The celebrations will be done and over with. Alleluia!

Night guys!!! Hope your weekend is going smoothly! Drop me a comment to let me know how you are doing! smile

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