Saturday, October 6, 2007

About commenting on a blog entry....

This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA), to one of my friend who read this blog. You can comment on each blog entry, even if it's anonymous, I accept it here. At the bottom of each entry, there's a little "comments", click it and it'll take you in a nano-second to a screen where you'll be able to write whatever you want. mrgreen It's because we talked about it last night.

So today, no religious debate, I did it last night and boy did it get heated. lol It's all because I'm promoting separation of church and state, not sex with goats! I know why did I mention sex with goats? Because. I. Can. mrgreen I'll get a lot of freaks who Google sex with goats end up here with Google. UGGH!!!

I need to go pick up stuff to break my cold/sore throat thingy because I want to feel better tomorrow, BIG day. So I'll leave you on that, what are you planning to do today?

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