Sunday, October 7, 2007

Have a great sunday!

It's only 6h00 AM and I'm getting ready to get going for 7h00 AM, I even woke up earlier than my clock alarm confused, by 5h30, I was up.

The material's ready, I have devotional and pious items here, I have the cash box, the signs, my lunch is packed. I'm taking lozenges, Kleenex and Motrin IB with me. I hope the day goes smoothly, I hope it is perfect. Anyway, there's not much I can do. At least my cruise ship partner is great and the rest of the team will be mostly there. We can handle most anything.

Local television is going to be there to film the whole mass, that too, is going to be a I wish I didn't feel congested and stuffed but whatever. mrgreen I want plenty of visitors, at least as much as our usual cruise ships days, pretty please with a cherry on top. biggrin

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