Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A preachy blog entry

It's because I just stopped by our shelter for battered women that I'm thinking of saying it now but if you have a center locally, donate to them, food, money, time, clothes, anything they need. We had a meeting at The Church and had snacks, we had a lot of leftovers. I called the shelter and asked them if it would be alright for me to drop by their place the leftovers. They were thrilled. These people do a very good job.

List of shelter in Canada

This place is safe for women and kids and they survive on not so awesome budget. sad Anyway, just a reminder that shelters need our help to go on with their mission to support and provide a roof and help to our mothers, sisters, friends, daughters etc.

Thanks to The Parish for being open to my desire to offer the shelter our leftover good instead of giving it to our people to eat. Which isn't a bad idea but there are people in need. We can help a little. The Parish people have always been opened to my little mission. lol maybe it's because they know better than to fight me when I believe in doing something eh? mrgreen


April Elizabeth said...

thanks for the advice, but i cant take imatrax (i used too) thats why i am on relpax, same family but relpax is second generation imatrex and also really expensive, my pockets are empty and my head still hurts.

No Nonsense girl said...

I'm sorry April. That stinks.

My doctor gave me samples of Relpax, it works very good but I didn't ask for a prescription because it's waYYYY too expensive for my budget. If needed I'd give her a call and she would give me other samples. I'm not worried about it.

((((feel better))))