Sunday, July 15, 2007

First message, let me introduce myself

Welcome to my life. I'm a church worker but I'm the No Nonsense type of girl. I can't stand drama queens, I just don't have patience for nonsense anymore. I guess you could say I'm a bitch but au contraire, I just want to enjoy life.

Working for a church is something, as in bursting bubble time BIG time. I'm not whining about my co-workers, they are awesome. I'm talking about church goers. I could tell y'all millions of stories, lets just say I won't give out names. The double standards in a parish life is just mind boggling, as in WTF just happened?

I'll give you a back history, we'll call her MrsJudgmental, always is the first to attend mass and sing in choirs and help out, but she likes to spread out rumors. Anyways, she comes to me back in the fall and shouts

"I've always hated you and believed you were worthless but let me tell you how impressed I am of your work, you are good after all"

WTF??? :::pick up jaws from the floors:::

I stood there, smiled and said thanks butI wanted to yell:

what the hell's wrong with you anyway? Are you going to quit spreading shit about me now? Who are you anyways????

It was hard, I had to control myself but I didn't yell at her, I was a good girl. That's nothing because MrsJudgemental isn't the worse of them all church goers....

Sometimes I hate people...

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