Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a long story...

and it's kinda embarrassing but the freak (who is BTW member of the massage therapist order) to whom I gave money to give me a massage on my birthday massaged my breasts. eek

I'm laying on my back, on the table, she's been giving me a massage for over an hour, she takes the sheet off my front, and starts to massage my breasts

Er I'm NOT okay with this, what are you doing? What the fuck???? I took the sheet back, covered myself and sat down.

Her: I wanted to do a special technique

You should have asked before touching my breasts

She apologize and explain that when she moved in the region 2 years ago, her associate told her that in this area, breasts, ass and belly were taboo and that it was unprofessional for a massage therapist to touch these places without asking first.

The freaks explains to me that she doesn't think she should ask because to her this is natural, she doesn't feel she should ask permission. rolleyes

rolleyes Well, you know, If you had asked, I would have said "no thanks", not a big deal. But this is ridiculous.

Her: I've massaged the breasts with that technique of at least 100 women and none of them complained.

rolleyes I'm sure none of them came back huh?

I'm not a prude and I've lived before but this was a flabbergasting experience. The freak just did not get it. Anyway, fast forward to Saturday afternoon at the church. She comes back to say hello. when she leaves, I tell TFB exactly what happened the day before. He soo funny says:

lol Not only did you had an homosexual experience with her but she's got a crush on you now huh?

You are so funny TFB!!! STFU!!!! :::sarcastically and jokingly said:::

TFB has no issue with homosexuality, he was totally joking me around and we did laugh a lot. But honestly, what the fuck was up with her? Do you think this was off limits? Do I need to say that I won't ever go back to her?


Marilyn said...

There ought to be somebody you can report her to. That's just wrong.

No Nonsense girl said...

I could try giving a call to the professionnal order she's a member of. They'd know.

jehara said...

i hope you called them. they are definitely supposed to ask. i don't know how it is in canada but in the states, whenever you go for a massage you have to fill out a one page questionnaire. it's just basic info like if you have spider veins or sensitive spots, things that would benefit the massage therapist to know. and one of the questions is to please state any areas you are uncomfortable having massaged. that way the therapist knows up front. but definitely chest area is off limits.
that is a very weird experience.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I didn't call because I didn't had the time (or took the time). I've gotta say that now most people know what type of massages she gives.

The odd thing was when she came to The Church the next sunday. :::uggh::: How freaking weird...

I am not going to get a massage for a very long time that's a fact!!!