Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A middle of the day *slice of life*...

I'm translating some stuff for work and because of the heat, because it's almost 15h00 and because I didn't got enough sleep last night, I'm fighting sleep. I'm trying not to fall asleep at my desk.

I'm trying to focus but I can't... confused

My mind wanders from work related thoughts to MsDM, to the scheduled parish activity for tonight, to when I'll be home to shower. I'm not focused at all!

I need to sleep, I need for the freaking day to end, I want to go home. sad

Jeez, anyways I'm going to the nursing home to visit someone who knew MsDM well, I was told this morning that this nice lady isn't doing well and is in shock. So I'll go visit her, she needs comfort and I think this'll make her day. mrgreen That's what MsDM would want me to do...

Tonight's planned activity will be interesting, many people told me they were going to be present, if the weather can remain ok, NO RAIN please. rolleyes

I need a hug, I need some sleep, I want my bed. lol

Oh and FYI this is a slice of life!mrgreen

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