Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things are chaotic


It's soo insane that you would think I was in vacation for 2 weeks, but nope, only took a long weekend and jeez, things are just chaotic today.

I'm running like a mad woman to meet deadlines that I didn't know about because they didn't exist as of last week. lol anyway, we'll survive, The cute friend helped me with some translations, The Friendly Boss helped me tremendously this morning, as usual and he's hilarious and his Sweet Wife is truly amazing. Jeez, I'm soo lucky to have people like that in my life.

Honest to God, I couldn't wish for better people around me. smile I'm getting my butt back to work because I need to go meet with The business man who's going to do a printing job for the parish.


April Elizabeth said...

i really like your site!

No Nonsense girl said...

Thanks a lot April!

On my way to read yours. :-)