Friday, August 17, 2007

About rumors concerning Cedrika Provencher

Church maintenance person comes to me in early afternoon and tells me:

They've found Cedrika!!!

Oh My God, is she okay? ::::almost crying:::::

They have not yet actually got their hand on her?!

What the hell?

They are around the house where a couple kidnapped her, they'll take her home safely any minutes.

I'm soo happy, I can't believe it

She manages to leave. 5 minutes later tops SW comes in the church and I tell her:

Maintenance Person (MP) told me Cedrika was located, they are on their way.... blablabla. She's alive SW. Can you believe it?

Comes to a long talk about abused survivors, psychic detectives, the hopes that come with life. It was a nice conversation. But MP was wrong. I should have known, she just understands one thing and says another.

Cedrika is still missing. My heart aches for that little girl. Cedrika is still missing, Have you seen her? cry


jehara said...

?! why did she think she had been found? i'm sorry she got your hopes up. that sucks.

No Nonsense Girl said...

yeah, she thought she'd been found. it's been 3 months and Cedrika is still missing. :(