Friday, August 17, 2007

Freaky Friday!

Oh the joy of being home at last. wink Work was great, day was longish but nice. Only 2 freaks visited.

Remember last night I went to The Chinese Place, there was a rude blonde woman cussing and yelling at the server " What the fucking hell, there's no egg roll sauce, what the fuck, Where's the food? Bring me food DAMN IT!" and that type of nonsense. woman seemed like a bitch, I looked at her face but DID not say anything. Fast forward this afternoon at The Church.

Me- Hello, my name is No Nonsense girl, welcome to our church yadiyadiya... Wait, I've seen you before, your face looks familiar

The Freak (TF)- It's not possible, I'm not from the area. I'm from Town 6 hours away from here. I'm in your region because of The X gathering.

ME- Either you have a twin or we've met before. :::smile:::

TF- I went to The mall in Big City yesterday

Me- Oh, you were at the Chinese place last night. I arrived there around 20h00.

TF- Yeah, it sucked didn't it? The place was awful. There was no sauce for my egg roll, Can you believe I had to wait 5 minutes for these assholes to come. It's expensive. How much do you usually pay?

Me- hmm, usually you pay more on Thursday-Friday-Saturday night because there's a lot of seafood, a lot more choices. It's always 16$ on these night.

TF- well in my city, IT IS CHEAPER, your place sucked

ME actually thinking "go back to your fucking town bitch" but actually said: M'am, I'm sorry you were not impressed with the food. How's your hotel? (I SHOULD NOT HAVE ASKED HER THAT)

TF- The place sucks, the beds are small, we are 30 mins away from The small and beautiful town because of me. The blinds in the bedroom didn't work well. The place sucks. I tricked them all by getting up at 6 this morning and demanded breakfast. They were not ready.

ME- (No shit bitch was what I was thinking of but just said): M'am, if you want to visit the church, go ahead, it's beautiful. If you have any questions, I'm available. Have a great afternoon

I was not going to spend 30 minutes telling her everything about The Parish, showing her the exposition because she sucked, she was a whiny, annoying visitor. We have them, they are the nasties, I'm sure they go everywhere. anyway, anything I would have done would have sucked in her eyes. I was not interested AT ALL.

SW was there with TFB, they were visiting the rummage sale and stopped by to chat. I said to her "This is the crazy egg roll sauce lady from last night. There's no way in hell I'm spending 30 mins with her, the nasties hate everything anyway. I had fun with SW, with talked about many things. I enjoy her presence and TFB is great also. He if was reading my blog I would say "TFB isn't too bad either" just to annoy him. lol

Nice chats, a great and exhausting day, but productive. I had loads of fun with the people that stayed with me part of the day to stay at the door while I was with the visitors in the back of the church.

Tomorrow is the last day of this marathon. I will work until 17h00, then have dinner with The Mother and a friend and I will go to The Big Show. Can't wait for freaking sunday!!!

Have you ever met the nasties? Do they come to your town, church, restaurant? What do you do?

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