Saturday, August 11, 2007

About opening yourself up...

Mainly it'll open communication with others.mrgreen

I spent a great afternoon chatting with MsDM's DN who's a really sweet, funny and wise woman. I went to MsDM's apartment when DN called me to let me know she got stuff ready for me (memories of MsDM), so on my merry way went there, helped to move some stuff and while we waited, we started to talk about our life's and ourselves. She told me that she believes that when we open up, it makes other people open up, I can't translate the words but she says "l'ouverture amène l'ouverture". If I open my heart and talk about myself, it helps other people to open themselves up to others, it helps communication, trust and it's good because if I open up about something I went through, it may helps others. It's simple, really, as love brings love, the more you give, the more you receive.

You reap as you sow. The more you sow, the more you'll reap. The more you open up the communication lines with others, the more likely you'll have relationship based on love, trust and respect. Does that make any sense to you?

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time with DN, she's going to remain someone important for me. It was really easy to open up with her. She's a woman after my own heart.

I got some DVD movies to watch, I already watched The number 23, it's kinda creepy and reminds me way too freaking much of The Ex Boyfriend. lol For those who know the issues with TXB you must be laughing your ass off huh? lol

Now, This is for DN, for the prayers she need to solve something.

Patron of desperate situation, we need you to help DN, you know what she needs, you know it's important. Please, help us with it. *Our Father* *Hail Mary*


PS: Saint Anthony, MsDM loved you very much and had total faith in you, please, if there's anything you can do, treat yourself and solve this problem.

Do you believe opening yourself up and the communication line is something good? Is it something you can easily do? Is it rewarding for you? smile

And if you can send prayers or good thoughts to MsDM's dear Niece (DN), it would be appreciated.

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