Saturday, August 11, 2007

Slice of life from yesterday :)

I totally went on a shopping spree, Clinique products from my Sears clinique counter, lots of little nothing from Zellers, household products from the evil Walmart FWIW, I don't think walmart is evil but that's how The Mother perceives it. lol

And I went to my favorite, the best in the world clothing store for women, and I say it and I'll say it again REITMANS is THE best store in the WORLD . mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen This is free publicity, I'm not paid to say it, the clothes are awesome, affordable and the girls who work there are angels, especially M and L. smile I left with a pair of black pants for work. wink

And I was inspired to attend mass, believe it or not, there's a chapel in Bigger Town mall. So I went to mass and met with 2 friends there, isn't that something? And like it was planned, a group of friends and I met at TYP's new home for dinner and we had a great evening.

I love these little moment of pure happiness. mrgreen

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