Thursday, August 9, 2007

I want my cookie

wink I totally DID NOT get in a fight this afternoon when I bought my coffee at The Coffee place.

Some freak dude (he's a very unstable guy who goes both to the JW, the Born again christian and us catholic) shouts at me:

Hey, you guys don't read the bible huh? You don't read the bible! All that said in a very aggressive tone.

I loudly replied to him and I mean very loudly:

I'm soo not getting in a religious fight with you, I'm soo NOT taking the bait. Have a good afternoon.mrgreen

I left with my coffee cup and my muffin and on my merry little way, went to church. I didn't take the bait, I didn't argue, I left peacefully. Who's the winner eh? Who is it??? wink

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