Thursday, July 19, 2007

The rudeness of people slay me!

You know what? People slay me! This is a long post, I hope you'll follow me until the end. It's worth reading.

There's some rude ass people out there, you know people who have no clue what's appropriate or not to say. I mean whether you are in your 20s or in your 50s you should have gotten a bit of common sense. Shouldn't you have gotten the basic education?

When someone tells you they have decided to leave their significant other, their boyfriend, their whatever mattered to them, it freaking doesn't give you the right to ask over and over again the details of what exactly happened.

If I didn't tell you the details, it's a clue it's none of your business, right? What's up with asking those questions? What happened with minding your own freaking business? It's rude to ask over and over again questions about private matters that DO NOT concern you. IT IS RUDE!!!

I had to tell NoseyAcquaintance (NA) and her husband (NAH) that I'd still be going to dinner on friday but that The Ex Boyfriend wouldn't be there after all. I wanted to be nice and let them know in advance so they wouldn't buy and prepare too much food. Seems easy eh? I called, told her, she asked too many questions, but I ASSumed she got a clue. What do they say about ASSuming eh? , you make an ASS of U and ME? ::::sarcasm:::

This is a quote from a conversation from yesterday with NA, it was BTW church-related, had nothing to do with my dating situation...

NA= I still can't believed it.

ME=...These things happen, it's fine

NA= But exactly, what happened?

ME=...nothing, there's nothing to talk about

NA= as of last week, you two were soo happy, I could see it, what happened

ME=...( I was getting pissed off)...nothing happen NA, like I told you, The Ex Boyfriend and I decided to split, we weren't meant for each other...

NA= I don't get it

ME= ...(thinking about saying WHAT THE HELL????) okay, about the reason I called... (she then interupts me rudly and says)

NA= don't think you guys are going to be back, do you hate him? What happened??? You seemed soo happy!!!

ME= ????? (starting to be really annoyed, my tone was changing)...Like I said, I'm fine, he's fine, lets move on.

NA= So, was it because he was scared? Because NAH was really scared when we started to date.. Maybe it's because you had your place, he had his and you had your pet, he had his!!! Maybe it was sex related!!


.....(Taking a long breathe)...I'm happy, that's it. We decided to split, we weren't meant for each other. That's it. Simple as this.

NA= Well, we'll talk about it on friday...

ME= ...Like I told NAH, I don't feel the need to talk about it, there is NOTHING to talk about... So, back to the reason I called, can you let NAH that the item is ready.

NA= oh, okay, I'll set him know and...

ME= ...okay now, I have to hang up, someone just got in and I have to be available. See you on friday!

NA= bye

(and I hung up the phone, really pissed off)

HUH?? What the hell? What happens in my intimate life stays private. It means that I'm going to share with some selected few people that I trust and that are close to me like these people. And yeah, I called SW and told her all about rude ass people and the fact that I'm SOO over it. And what i'll do is that I'll make it clear upon my arrival that if they want to talk about The Ex boyfriend and my dating situation, i'll be leaving. I don't want to talk about it. Period.

I wish I was good at lying, I'd make up something to cancel my presence at that dinner. God, if you're listening, can you do something? I'm going to be firm SW that this isn't something I'm willing to discuss and if that's what they want, I just won't be attending.

And to show that normal people still exist, on tuesday night I babysat my friend's kids, they told me "If you want to talk, we're here, if not we aren't going to ask you questions. .

That, my friends is what normal people do.


jehara said...

i think it is normal to inquire about details if you are close with someone. if not, then don't inquire. and if you do anyway and they make it clear they don't want to talk about it, then stop inquiring. NA sounds like a nosy gossip.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Yeah, I agree with you. We aren't close at all and she insisted, it was insane.... but what the hell? why want to know the details? :::huh:::

People are weird I'm telling ya!!!