Thursday, July 19, 2007

An update on MsDM

It's not a very good update, I mean there isn't going to be an improvement. Au contraire, it's going down. MsDM isn't "there" as she was as of tuesday. The doctors are trying to figure out if she isn't reacting well to the morphine OR if it's just going down faster than they believed. And by down, I'm talking about the BIG trip...

Having daily visits, having someone present at meal time to make her eat is important. She's also having frequent visits from a priest. My heart aches for her, I'm just sad to see her in such pain but I also understand that when you are 80 something, your life has been lived, you had time to fully enjoy it and feel the happiness. It's been a time of reconciliation with MsDM, she had the opportunity to reunite with estranged family members and it was perfect.

Being at peace with yourself and others before dying is a freaking good idea. This afternoon I was trying to explain to her Dear Niece (DN) that being with MsDM doesn't just bring me love, it kinda makes me reconnect with some members of my family. Through her, I'm having that possibility. It's strange but in the end it's all good.

Because we are preparing for Ste-Anna's feast ( July 26th) and because I prayed the novena this afternoon with MsDM, I'm going to post a little image of that said devotion.

PS: I hope I'm not depressing anyone but you know, blogging is like therapy and it's a free one. lol Also, you are free to read me or not.

Ste-Anna and her daughter Mary

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