Saturday, July 21, 2007

A spider tale

Overheard at the lake this afternoon....

- "Oh.My.God, there's a spider in my safety vest" I hear myself yell.

I quickly take the vest off and start to pull on my tank top, in total panic. I don't care of I'm showing my bra, I want the spider OFF me, hear it!!!

- Oh. My. Where the hell is it? Where is it???? (By the way, no one replies to me, they are laughing their asses off.)

Anyway, after 3-4 minutes of pulling on my tank top ( up and down) and moving it around... I hear my friend tell his 12 years old son "Son, you now know what you have to do if you want a girl to take her shirt off, just tell her there's a spider inside of it. " lol lol lol Thanks pal, yer funny.

Later my friend TheNurse shouts:

We all know that No Nonsense girl is terrified of insects and now we know she is wearing a beige seamless bra. Thanks for showing us your boobs, especially to The Seminarian (studying to become a catholic priest). lol

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