Thursday, July 26, 2007

MsDM's memories

This past april, a friend and I taped MsDM for an afternoon. We chatted about her family, her life, her work, her memories. We laughed and had a good time, her memories were a treasure to keep forever. The tape is now on a CD, I made 10 copies, printed a little CD card with pictures, wrote a letter to DN and dragged my a$$ to the post office.

She'll receive them tomorrow morning, guaranteed. It's nothing big, it's just something to remember her dear aunt, her "beautiful little aunt" as she called her. mrgreen

I loved her "beautiful little aunt" soo much. I'll miss her, even if I know she's in heaven, even if I know she's at peace. I love her and will miss "seeing" her with my eyes.

The CD is just soo awesome to hear, it's her, her voice, her laugh, it's amazing to have as memory like that. smile

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