Saturday, July 28, 2007

hmm back to our regular programming....

mrgreen There's another dinner tonight and I'm not going, I can't handle partying that much two nights in a row. That would kill me.wink

Everyone's fine today, my headache is almost gone, The Nurse and The Seminarian are both fine but I'm guessing won't be drinking tonight. I'm just staying here, quietly and will attend a church service at 19h00.

I need to pray and take some quiet time to take it easy. I want to offer up some prayers for MsDM, I want to pray for her DN and the family and friends that are hurting right now. One of her closest friend is really hurting right now and missing her.cry

I think what MsDM would want us to do (those she loved and that loved her) is to take care of each others as she would do it. I really believe that be important for her.

MsDM, I love you and miss you soo much.sad From heaven, please send me peace...Now that where you are, you can see everything, you know what I and those you loved need, please help us and guide us.

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