Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's up with that?

I'm coming to the conclusion that a whole generation of French-Canadian were raised without a social filter. Do you think it's possible? question Is this just a French-Canadian thing? Or worldwide problem?

Overheard near the park this evening:

Hey No Nonsense girl, look at me, don't look away, I've seen you. She's not looking at me, he then tell his wife.

You know what dude? When you shout inappropriate comments at my friend and I, I don't feel like I'm a part of that stupid conversation. I don't think your jokes about The Young Priest (TYP)and I are funny. Guess what dude? I don't think you're funny at all.

Is it possible that some people just never learn about social boundaries, or what to say and what not to say while in public? If I have kids, I swear, they won't be like that, or I'll lock them in their room. lol Don't email me to cuss at me, I know I can't lock kids in their room for years. I'll deal with motherhood when faced with it.

On the other hand, dinner was great, The Bistrot is a great restaurant, the scenery is priceless and the server was great.

Tomorrow is Monday and I hate Mondays. I can't sleep in on Mondays... Oh well, I'm alive, healthy, with great friends, that's enough to make me happy Plus, I get to bitch and moan on here all I want.wink

Oh and I'll be getting my own cellphone tomorrow, yippee!!! mrgreen

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