Saturday, August 20, 2011

two and a half years later

This is a much due update, I've kept this blog private but I've never read my posts in the last years, things were good and bad at the same time. When they were good, they were very good. When they were bad, oh my, they were bad.

I'm a full time student at Big Bad University in City A (2 hours away from me) but I take all of my classes in the city I reside in because my Diocese has implanted a School of Theology and pastoral care affiliated with Big Bad University because their reputation is excellent. So our professor are either Lay minister with Master's degree or with PH'd in Theology and sometimes it's professor from BBU that do come from City A. It hasn't been the opposite (us having to go there). There are 40 000 students in BBU's campus but we're never more than 50-75 and I've been the only full time student. Our School of Theology and pastoral care was implanted in 2004-05. It is quite recent. Anyway, I'm glad it has allowed me to stay in my area but the other side of the medal is that in a small institution you have less classes available and when you're full time like me, you end up taking more online classes than you'd like.

I've been very very ill with debilitating fibromyalgia, it all started a little more than 18 months ago and since then my life hasn't been the same. It took my dr and I several months to figure out the right medication that would take the severe pain away but we finally found it and it's not as bad now that it is under control. What I have to fight is the "fibro fog" but I started this week a new medication "Ritalin" to help me focus and concentrate on my school work and be able to read. The past 4-5 weeks were too bad.

I think I'm going to be blogging again. I hope people will be reading me.



Mrs. Hoppes said...

This may sound strange, but it is something that you can try. It works for Husband's post seizure fog and since both are neurologically based....

Sandalwood oil (essential oil). Take a q-tip and dip it in and rub a dab on your top lip, each temple, and the back of the neck.

It reduces the post seizure fog for my husband from an all day (sometimes two day) thing to half an hour in duration.

At best, it works. At worse, it doesn't work, but you smell extra nice and a bit woodsy all day. :-)

No Nonsense girl said...

My friend I'll be checking at our local healthfood store for this essential oil. :-)

If it helps for post-seizure fog it may really help for my fibromyalgia fog. The ritalin helps but if something natural could help me, I would prefer using it. I never thought I'd be taking ritalin at almost 33 years old.