Saturday, August 20, 2011

on being single

In november 2008 I wrote what I'd realise about being single and almost three years later it hasn't changed. I feel the same, I am confortable in my own skin. I love men but I am just too broken inside to be in a relationship. (at least I don't pretend not to be and screw up someone else) I hear you say that I should go in therapy and you know what? I've been there more than 4 years and I have healed my wound but there are some that cannot go away and the best way to remain happy and sane is to know your limits and needs and mine are my inability to be in an intimate relationship. It was screwed up and cannot be repaired. So instead I am (and I have been) offering God my life. I am and will be devoting my life to His service and to the service of those in need.

It is kind of strange to go back in the past and read what I'd written, without going in any details. :-)


Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

It is good to see you back here. I have missed you. Glad to see you have found your path and are healing yourself.

No Nonsense girl said...

Thanks sweetie, I've been reading your blog (you are in my google reader) so is your DIL.

much love