Saturday, November 1, 2008

7 weird facts about me

I was tagged by Ally at" Just a diamond in the rough" for this meme.

1. The name of this blog should be "Diary of a former catholic church follower/believer".
2. I prefer cold weather to very warm weather...
3. When I was a kid I use to bite my toenails. ( gross, I know)
4. I've been listening to Loreena McKennit non stop for 7 weeks...
5. I prefer very cold temperature inside my own home... I'm not much of a heater.... Quite the opposite. 
6. I can multi-task, I just have to listen to something for my brain to memorize it. I don't need to pay attention... 
7. It's snowing here and I think it's awesome. 

Mr.Cat passed away 2 weeks ago... He got very ill and Friday October 17, I took him to the vet and was told that my poor baby's bladder and kidney were blocked. The vet told me that usually an easy surgery fixes it but that he was in bad shape, very much in pain... My poor little friend so I called my angel, she met me at the clinic, we pet, loved, hugged and kissed him, I sang to him, my angel and I said our goodbyes and then, he left us. I was a crying mess, my angel was a mess too. He was such a class act, he was truly the best cat ever...  

It's been 2 weeks and altho I miss him, I'm ok.... And no, I'm not going to get another cat anytime soon.

I'm tagging anyone who want to play for this meme and I'm keeping each of you in my thoughts and I'm sending love.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your kitty. I know it sucks to lose your pets, they become your best friends. I'm so sorry.

Jenny McB said...

Love Loreena McKennit!!!! I have great memories of listening to her on my ipod when I went to Denmark with high school kids. We were driving through Germany and it seemed to be a perfect choice.

Losing a pet is horrible, and you won't replace him, but someday you may find another feline friend to connect to. But it will be different.

Glad to see you post! The first statement is interesting, sounds like a story to me to continue from your last post. Church to me means social, which is different from beliefs.

The Gal Herself said...

Oh no! Not Mr Cat! I felt like I knew him. I know how important he was to you, and can only imagine how much you miss him. I hope that when you feel stronger, you'll open your heart to another cat. There are so many homeless critters out there, and you have a lot of love to give.

I'm going to steal the 7 Weird Facts. C'mon by when you get a chance.

candyQ said...

Hey, so glad to know how you're doing! But I am sad that you lost Mr. Cat... I know what it's like to lose a beloved pet.

Anyway, hope all's well with you! *HUGS*

Vixen said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry about Mr. Cat. This last month was the year anniversary of when we lost Boo-boo and it still hurts. Big hugs to you. Also, I adore Loreena too!

Thinking of you and hope you are doing well.

jehara said...

i'm so sorry about mr. cat! :(
i love mummy dance by loreena mckennit. it's good to hear from you. you are in my thoughts.



Izzybella said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. I know how much it hurts. I lost my Baxter recently and Syd is sick too, so I'm there, I really am.

I thought about you when Obama won by the way. Was thinking "there is a very happy chica in Canada..."

Peaceful karma to you. Hang in there.

The Gal Herself said...

WHERE ARE YOU, MY CANADIAN FRIEND? I left an award and a little link love out for you at my blog.