Sunday, April 6, 2008

People are sick...On the John and Jenny Deaves story.

I just watched this gem of a video, you know, it's from John and Jenny Deaves.

If you follow this link, you can listen to them. People absolutely sicken me. I can't believe they are having children with each others. Consenting adults my ass. The man is sick and the girl is not "right" in the head. I don't know any normal man who'd want to have sex with their daughter. That's just against nature.

I'm creeped out. Hmm, excuse me, I'm telling you, the world is mad, it is just insane. evil Le monde est fou en crisse. (The world is farking crazy)


chikku said...

This is one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen in my life... The r both just insane..they must be treated...

chikku :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Yeah I know huh? :( I'm praying for both of them to get help.