Sunday, April 6, 2008

Father and daughter have a child together

I'm sorry, this whole thing makes me sick. I mean WTF sick.

A SOUTH Australian father and daughter have revealed they are a couple, and have had a child together.

John and Jenny Deaves of Mount Gambier reunited 30 years after Mr Deaves separated from Jenny's mother.

Jenny was 31 and just two weeks after meeting, father and daughter had sex.

"John and I are in this relationship as consenting adults," Mrs Deaves told the Nine Network's 60 Minutes tonight.

"We are just asking for a little bit of respect and understanding."

Their nine-month-old daughter Celeste, shown on TV, appeared fit and healthy.

Mrs Deaves said soon after reuniting with her father she began to see him as a man first and her father second. "I was looking at him, sort of going, oh, he's not too bad," she said. "Like you might look at a man across the bar at a nightclub."

Mrs Deaves brought two children, Samantha and Alex, into the relationship after splitting from her former partner. Mr Deaves admitted that he "initially" thought having sex with his daughter was wrong.

"Emotions take over, as people no doubt realise, there are times during your life where emotions do rule the heart, it rules the head," he said. "I knew it was illegal, of course I knew it was illegal but you know, so what." Mrs Deaves said the physical relationship with her father was like "a sexual relationship with any other man". For Mr Deaves the sexual relationship was "absolutely fantastic".

A US psychologist told 60 Minutes the Deaves's relationship was an example of "Genetic Sexual Attraction". He said the phenomenon was not rare, and society would be suprised at how prevalent it was. The Deaves's relationship is deemed by Australian authorities as incestuous and therefore illegal. A South Australian police media spokesman said "the couple was being monitored".

Here's the court remarks on their sentencing because both of them were accused of incest. I'm sorry, I don't think incest is ever OK. I just don't. The poor children being raised in that house. I'm just incredibly surprised that some people are defending these acts.


Funsize said...

Disgusting. The child is a sister and daughter. This is a terrible example to set for the children, to do whatever they please if it makes this happen. I wonder if they would say the same thing if they said they fell in love with their pet dog? I could only imagine what would happen if this happened in the states.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I know right? Nothing more would have happened if it had been in the states or in Canada. Australia's citizen are upset about this too.

They make me sick... both of them.

Vixen said...

It really makes me ill also. Mostly the fact that they acknowledge that what they did was wrong, BUT continue to do so. People who have that little self control should not be the main influence in a children's lives. If you cannot control yourself from committing a crime, you have no business raising children. Yuck.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I'm certain pedophiles everywhere will use this relationship to justify their actions. I wonder what her mom thinks....

On a limb with Claudia said...

Well, Ok, my first thought was, I wondered if the Mom divorced him because he was molesting the daughter.

There. That's my honesty for the day! :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Claudia: IIRC they divorced when the baby (now adult) was 1 year old.

I also wondered if he abused children before. A normal sane man would NOT be having sex with his daughter. grow up or not.

Vixen: I agree with you too.

CQ said...

This absolutely turns my stomach upside down. They both need to see a shrink!